Where we Work

Dreamnature’s impact isn’t confined to a single location; it blooms across regions, painting landscapes green and empowering communities. Join us on a journey around Tanzania, where native trees are transforming lives and restoring ecosystems

Beyond Borders: Sharing Hope and Knowledge

Dreamnature’s impact extends beyond Tanzania’s borders. We actively collaborate with international organizations, research institutions, and communities worldwide, sharing knowledge and expertise to promote the use of native trees for restoration, development, and climate change mitigation.


Kigoma: Hope Grows in the Hills

In collaboration with local schools and universities, Dreamnature is empowering young people in Morogoro to become environmental stewards. Through educational programs and hands-on training, youth are learning about the importance of native trees, nursery management techniques, researches and sustainable forestry practices. This initiative is ensuring the future of environmental protection by nurturing a generation of passionate changemakers

Morogoro: Empowering Youth, Protecting the Future

Nestled in the Western highlands of Tanzania, Kigoma stands as a testament to the transformative power of native trees. Here, the Anisophyllea Boehmii, a fast-growing species discovered by Dreamnature, is being cultivated. This wonder tree is not only restoring degraded lands but also providing communities with sustainable income opportunities through the development of value chains for its leaves, fruits, and seeds.

Witnessing Change: Stories from the Field

Hear firsthand accounts of the positive impact Dreamnature is making. Our blog features interviews with community members, farmers, researchers, and volunteers who are actively involved in our projects and are witnessing the transformative power of native trees

Join the Movement: Become a Part of Our Impact

Whether you’re an individual, a community group, or an organization, there are countless ways you can contribute to Dreamnature’s mission. You can volunteer your time, donate to our projects, spread awareness about our work, or support our partners and collaborators